13 Days to go

While I've just announced the thirteen days to go until the physical book launch of Navajo Spirit part 3. I haven't been sitting around idle. I have just completed my first outright adult novel 'Did you See me?' This tells the story of a man who loses everything he has and is so far down on his luck that he attempts suicide. Help comes in the form of a very unlikely hero who returns favours given with a gift that sets the ball rolling for a remarkable thriller set on the Northumberland coastline. A small fishing town, virtually a ghost town becomes the scene for a roller coaster of a ride as our hero struggles to find himself. New  friends, a most eclectic group, help him on a journey to wrong rights that push them all the very edge of their human decency as the enemy they face stop at nothing in their attempts to destroy them. 

Written as the first part of a trilogy I found it exhilarating to break free of the constraints that you have to impose for younger audiences. That doesn't mean that I am going to stop writing children's books though, it just gives me option to extend myself and hone my craft to  both a higher standard but with a more versatile approach. It is normal for me to write two or three books at a time and it helps If I have three on the go for different age groups. I can write to suit the frame of mind i'm in. It's interesting to note that I prefer to write the older material in the mornings and the younger in the evenings. I'm feeling happy about it though, its another milestone and my fourth age group covered, it's a challenge I really enjoy.

happy reading


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