15 Days to Launch

I wandered around Dungeness today for a while before the heat became too much. I followed the route of the old railway line that heads towards Lydd. The route is marked by the vertical planting of the old line sleepers and is easy to follow. Along the old track lies the remnants of the old school, which doubled as a church in the past. It's nothing more than foundations to be seen but its surprising how far away from the rest of dungeness it is. Continuing further you pass the back of the lakes and the shingle seems to change, it lies in swathes and undulates in rows similar to waves. To continue further and I could have reached Lydd. The shingle is relentless, tough going underfoot, and it's hard to believe that less than a hundred years ago most of it would have been vegetation free and completely barren. It's status as a desert would have been more appropriate then and more obvious than it is today.

Coming back, I stopped to have a cup of tea close to the fishing boats. The newer boats were just to the right of my position but remnants of worn out skeletons of boats from the past litter the beach along with ruined old shacks and windlass' isolated, rusty and unused. When you look at the boats of today, less than a handful, and compare it to the amount of disused windlass' it highlights how big the fleet must have been once and how the industry has declined. Like so much of our heritage its disappearing fast and soon very few people will be around to explain what some of the old reliks are and to pass on their knowledge. Every step mankind takes forward is at the cost of something from our past. The way forward is necessary, our country, our world is changing fast but lets keep our heritage alive for the future too. 

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