Catching up

It's been a while since I've found time and internet to catch up with blogging. i've just finished a five and a half week tour of primary schools in Dorset and the schedule has been demanding. It's been a real adventure though camping around surely one of the most beautiful counties of the country. Twenty schools booked me and I enjoyed every single one of them with staff and pupils being among the most accommodating I've come across. To each of those schools I send a heart warmed thanks for having me and giving me some wonderful new memories to take away.

There's no stopping now though because I'm just about to embark on a seven week tour of Devon and I'm booked solid throughout the term. So that's me tied up until Christmas.

Although I've spent many evenings without being able to access the internet on my laptop, editing and writing continues on a daily basis, although the main focus is on the editing. There are several new books imminent for publication either side of Christmas including two new series' for KS1, and the latest Walking with book. The first adult book is also imminent and should be available after Christmas. Hopefully if the editing continues as it has been then there could be as many as ten books published next year including two more adult books and two new series for young adults. 

Keep an eye out on the social media sites for some bargain offers on my two main series. The Walking with books and The Navajo Spirit books will be available at discount prices for multiple purchases.

I'll do my best to blog a little more regularly and share my adventures but it's not easy out there to find internet especially when many of the schools I visit are right out in the sticks.

Happy reading 


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