Lockdown Day 19: 10/04020 Schools

There’s a lot of talk about the re-opening of schools in the near future, as the young are seemingly far more resistant to Covid 19 than the rest of us. Yes, their education is important, but a return to school would allow for a serious relaxation to the rules. Many schools have bottlenecks that lead to the front entrances where the children enter, a lot because of recent years improvements to the safety of children. But parents have to gather to drop off and pick up their children, close to these points. Social distancing would be very hard to maintain at some of these schools.

When the children return to school the amount of traffic on the roads will also increase and I’m sure that others, not necessarily connected to schools, will take advantage of this to get out and about. The police would have little control in terms of managing who was out unnecessarily. Surely, the return to school would have to coincide with other restrictions being lifted.

Perhaps another issue to consider is the volume of individuals in any school. While children seem to suffer less than adults, they could carry the virus and pass it on to the adults working there, making them high risk to catch the virus. Remember this virus will still be about long after the peak of epidemic has passed and the numbers of infected has reduced.

When they open schools, then that’s the time to kickstart our economy and open shops and businesses again, so the timing is crucial. Personally, I would like to see a larger percentage of the population being tested and cleared before this happens. But let’s be honest so much of what we read or hear at the moment is speculative and wishful thinking and while it’s good to remain positive, a firm and sequenced lockdown exit plan needs to be in place. And above all it has to be realistic and achievable.

Wherever you are stay safe.


C.S. Clifford

Author writing for all ages
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