Lockdown Day 21: 12/04/20 Books

I have a new book arriving soon for the young adult market, although in truth this one easily doubles as a full adult book. I started this one I seven years ago although it had a different title at that time. With the growth in films and series involving men, women or creatures with superpowers, I thought I would write a novel in a similar vein.

This book is called Chameleon Origin and launches a new series of books I hope will be very successful. There are two main characters that feature, and both are women. One is seventeen and the other two-hundred and ninety-six. Yes, that is accurate, and I haven’t been drinking! Both characters are immortal and are so because of a blood transfusion that caused their bodies and minds to change.

The two characters have also developed powers of their minds that nobody else has and they use these to help individuals that find themselves on the wrong side of criminal activities. They do this by finding the victims of kidnappings sometimes in their home countries and at other times around the world.

As a writer in today’s marketplace it’s a good idea to write the sort of material that breaks the barriers of age. Michael Morpurgo and J. K. Rowling have been doing this for years and you know the films that came from their books and the fact that the whole family watches them. Chameleon Origin is a book that does this too. It is amenable for all ages down to ten. I love the cover for this one, Laura always does me proud with her artwork but I particularly like this one.

Just like yesterday I could tell you more but that would just spoil the book. More about another new book tomorrow.

Wherever you are stay safe

C.S. Clifford

Author writing for all ages
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