Lockdown Day 23: 14/04/20 Books

The last book, almost ready for completion is called, Under the Wire and this is a book deliberately written with a film in mind. It’s the first in a trilogy of books about the fourth generation survivors of a nuclear catastrophe who live in a fenced off area that covers a hundred square miles and known as the exclusion zone. There are distinct groups who live in a variety of different ways but have little involvement with each other.

Over the generations some of the groups have had members kidnapped for long periods of time and then returned as shells of their former selves. Others had never been seen again. Each group believes that one of the others are responsible for this but there is no proof to substantiate their thinking.

This is a book that stands alongside the likes of Divergent, The Hunger Games and Maze Runner for type and, like yesterday it’s a book that can transcend the age groups. It’s a little bit behind the other three I’ve discussed earlier this week, and I don’t have the art for it yet but it’s going to be ready before the lockdown finishes.

I have offerings coming for my youngest audience too. The third book in the Trawler Tale series is having the art work done at the moment and Laura will soon be starting the third in the Canal Caper series, so there’s lots going on and I can’t wait to see them in their physical state.

Wherever you are stay safe:


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