Lockdown Day 24: 15/04/20 Routine

With the lack of structure due to the lockdown, it’s been hard to find any semblance of routine. I have already mentioned that time seems irrelevant to those of us without work of young children, but I have to say that I’m struggling to maintain any prolonged spells at doing anything. I have been out to exercise but no where near what I’m used to and I’m probably suffering more from that than being locked inside for 23 hours a day. I’m lacking fitness, sleeping longer and achieving less and to be honest it’s a worry. I’m not like this usually.

I’m sure that most of this is to do with the lack of physicality but I also believe being outdoors more is good for us and I’m normally out far more than an hour a day, and I miss it. There are thousands of us who are probably suffering from lack of the two things I’ve mentioned and it’s time for me to do something about it. The lockdown is going to continue without a doubt and if that’s the case then change is needed and new purpose found. I want to get my drive back and make the most from this difficult situation.

The frustration I’m experiencing being stuck inside is not as bad as some others. I do get some time alone, but some families out there, are living on top of each other. There’s no escape from it and is wearing. Domestic abuse is up, some couples who work and commute for long hours are having to learn to live with each other for long periods and it’s not easy. Life has changed for all of us, and finding coping strategies is not always easy, but exercising properly and being outside finding a small amount of time to be alone helps. Give yourselves a routine that adds purpose and direction, trust me it helps.

Wherever you are stay safe.

C.S. Clifford

Author writing for all ages
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