Lockdown Day 25: 16/04/20 Death Toll

The death toll is almost 14,000 and still rising. It peaks and troughs with no guarantee on a daily basis and there is still no sign of it reaching a peak. The government say: that those becoming infected is plateauing but that could change dramatically if social distancing is not maintained. For all the talk, the discussion, opinions and arguments that are banded about we definitely can’t say that things are getting better or that were winning.

There are a lot of areas surrounding the management of the country that have come under intense scrutiny, and I have been completely dumfounded by the questioning the reports have thrown at our politicians. Most seem to focus on an exit strategy, or lack of, and the same question has come up on a daily basis. Do the reporters simply lack the intelligence to realise that the answer to ending the lockdown cannot come yet. There isn’t enough data, to base one on, we haven’t reached the peak yet, and without this a decision cannot be made.

I’ve heard a lot of concerns about kickstarting the economy, but what good would that be if we come out of exile and more of our people start getting ill and increase the death toll. A resurgence of this virus could be catastrophic and could be worse than what we’ve seen so far. The government need more time to make a plan that will last, will improve matters and judge the timing. If they get it wrong then the risk to all of us will remain until a cure is found.

So for goodness sake reporters, ask some different questions!

Wherever you are stay safe.

C.S. Clifford

Author writing for all ages
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