Lockdown Day 28: 19/04/20 Ghost Towns

 For weeks in today and I’ve noticed a few differences from the first week of isolation. I do believe people have finally got the message, and although I can’t speak for everywhere in the country, things are quieter than ever in the towns and areas that people exercise in.


The seafront where I reside is a popular place with walkers but even as the temperature increases and the sun shines for longer there are less people walking along it. It’s not completely devoid of human kind but still it’s less than before. As I pass the few who are around, it’s interesting that those masked do not seek any kind of interaction while those who are not smile and say good morning or afternoon.


I notice the way people discuss the situation has altered too. Once there was an indignation at being ordered to stay at home and a sense of denial at what was happening. Now I find it more commonplace for people to say things like these are strange times. Strange times not awful times. Strange is about right, yes there’s a tragedy going on with the amount of suffering and death, but the reality that it could be worse is clear and people have finally got to grips with it. The British die hard mentality or stiff upper lip attitude is prevalent and there’s a relief about that. I’m not hearing the doom and gloom mentality that has been promoted in our country for a long while (by successive governments) despite the deaths, the loss of jobs and the uncertainty ahead.


The British people, I believe are ready to face whatever comes next, and now is the time where the government should demonstrate it’s confidence and trust in us and be uncompromisingly honest with us. It’s always better to understand what is coming rather than being shocked and surprised by it.


Wherever you are stay safe.

C.S. Clifford

Author writing for all ages
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