Lockdown Day 29: 20/04/20 Shopping

I wrote yesterday about the changing mentality of the people I met recently and there is further evidence to support this change. Shopping has been a task that has demanded patience since just before the lockdown, with queueing and stock availability issues. Nothing much has changed since. Queuing had gotten worse during the early stages of lockdown as the numbers of people in stores has been reduced but lately I’ve ben shopping twice, six days apart and each time I didn’t have to queue to get in. Most people seem to have gotten into the mindset of shopping once a week now and few just carry baskets in the stores.

Shelf stocks have improved, although certain items are still out of stock, notably what is imported. I know for a fact that people are running out of money so maybe that is a contributing factor to the reduction in queues. Also those who bulk bought weeks ago probably realise that most of what we want, we can get, so they are running down the excess they have at home. Whatever the reasons it has become easier to shop and spend less time exposed to others.

More and more people are having groceries delivered to their homes and that makes a lot of sense except that getting a delivery slot is still difficult. I think it’s only a matter of time before that is improved. Getting used to this way of shopping is a good thing. A higher percentage of people will continue this after the lockdown is over and it is a trend that would have happen naturally anyway, albeit on a slower scale prior to Covid 19

It seems that as far as shopping goes, some sort of normality is now evolving, and I say that knowing that this reduction of people within a store, will be maintained long after the lockdown is lifted. There are many changes that we’ll have to cope with in the future but the changes I’ve witnessed after just four weeks reinforces my belief that we are still adaptable as a species and working with the trends instead of bucking against them will only make transitions easier.

Wherever you are stay safe.

C.S. Clifford

Author writing for all ages
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