Lockdown Day 30: 21/04/20 Jealousy

Thanks to the silence, the cleaner air we’re breathing and having time for an hour a day for exercise, it’s not hard to spot differences around us; for once we have time to really see. Despite everything happening to us right now everything else in nature continues as if nothing is happening. I personally love the fact that the air I breathe is cleaner these days. The world smells better too. I notice the weather more too. It’s amazing how, before Covid 19, life was so frenetic and caught up in time that our days centre around work and getting home. We missed what was happening around us. One day the trees have leaves, then they don’t, then they do again. And before anybody says to me that I’m lucky because I’m not a key worker, I have been working for at least eight hours a day. The difference is when I do my hours. More in the evenings to allow myself free time during the day.

 As I watch the birds and the animals going about their daily routines, I can’t help but feel a little jealous of them. Their freedom is driven by more innate drives that the materialistic ones we chase. They spend their time doing what they need to, oblivious to what we pursue. I saw a family of foxes playing at the edge of a field. I don’t know if they were town or country foxes but it was lovely to see the adults rough and tumbling with their young. The thought of family sparked a sense of melancholy for those I’m missing and haven’t seen for some time.

 The seagulls continue to dominate the sky around here, waiting patiently for crumbs thrown or discarded, the pigeons too, but less aggressively. The blackbirds, thrushes and wren song fills the world around where I’m living, so often masked by the sound of traffic or aircraft.

 There are things at the moment that are hard to adapt to, and yet within that hardship there is much to be thankful for to. I envy the freedom of the creatures around us and one day we’ll be able to find that freedom too.

 Wherever you are stay safe.

C.S. Clifford

Author writing for all ages
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