Lockdown Day 31: 22/04/20 Warnings

The conversation about coming out of lockdown still maintains a high focus among the questions that are fired at the government and speculations of the people. I’m pleased that the government hasn’t allowed the building pressures to make them lift the restrictions too early. The death toll for a couple of days was low, lower than for some time, and figures like that can easily suggest that things are getting better; only for them to be dashed with recordings back in the 800’s.

If you are reading reports around the world about other countries struggling with Covid 19 then the warning signs are clear. The latest from China, just after lifting lockdowns in Wuhan is to see another surge of people contracting the disease elsewhere in their country. A second wave is hitting them.

I believe our government was right to lock down the entire country rather than just the places where the virus was most prevalent. I’m not convinced that we won’t get second, third and more waves before this thing goes away but at least we stand a better chance of containing it instead of forcing it to hit other areas.

There is much still to learn about how this disease functions and migrates but if you can prevent that as much as possible through the lockdown then hopefully we will be in better shape than other countries who have tackled it by region. Well played government for keeping the lid down and please don’t lift it until we can be sure our people will be safe.

Wherever you are stay safe.

C.S. Clifford

Author writing for all ages
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