Lockdown Day 32: 23/04/20 Back to Work

The government has been talking about relaxing the closure of some businesses and I think that is the right course of action provided everyone can still follow the social distancing rule. For some industries like restaurants, if they can offer a takeaway service that will be a start. They will need to prepare a system like the supermarkets to ensure everyone can adhere to the two-metre rule, and I don’t just mean customers.

 There is still a lot of concern related to re-opening schools. As an ex-teacher, but also some one who frequents schools on a fairly full-time basis, I can categorically say that social distancing in schools would be impossible for most schools. The very nature of education is through social interaction. While I don’t understand completely how the Covid 19 virus spreads, I would have thought that schools would be a hotspot for spreading it on and there is little anybody could do about it. I really hope that the government don’t open the schools too soon.

Other industries could potentially return to work and other shops could re-open. In doing that, it will have the effect of enticing people out from their homes and giving thee impression we’re getting back to normal. There is no normal for the foreseeable future. The government has a thankless task in terms of deciding who can return to work, which businesses can open etc. There is no perfect solution. But the people of this country need to think very carefully about what they can do and if they can get by without doing what they used to do in the past.

 Wherever you are stay safe:

C.S. Clifford

Author writing for all ages
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