So for the past few days I've been hammered by the wind and now drowned by the rain. When your touring around the country then it doesn't get worse than this. I was looking forward to going to Corfe Castle today but that is a no go area for the moment. The roads were flooded in places this morning and I've taken refuge in McDonalds to do a little writing. It's still raining now and it doesn't look like stopping anytime soon. 

I've visited some lovely schools this week and met some super teaching staff and kids alike. My thanks to each of the following schools for making me so welcome. Wyke Primary Gillingham, St Mary and Joseph Wool, The Priory School in Christchurch and Bere Regis school. In each school I set writing challenges and taught workshops to promote writing. Whilst a lot of things change from county to county, it seems the problems of underbugeting still pervade schools across the country and limit the chances of children meeting people who specialise in something different.

Another week of the same looms ahead of me and I have to say that it's a side of my work that I really enjoy. Even though I retired from teaching three years ago, it's still lovely to do the odd bit here and there. This week I'm going to Bridport, Wool and Weymouth too. I've been to Weymouth before and am looking forward to revisiting. I hope the weather improves too so that I can od the tourist thing at the weekends.

Happy Reading Steve


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