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It's been a while since I blogged and suddenly the countdown to the release of the third Navajo book stopped. Apologies for that. To put it simply, I'm still awaiting the stock to support the promotion. That doesn't mean that I'm idle at the moment. Far from it! This years touring has started well in the heart of the beautiful county of Dorset and already I am experiencing the beautiful countryside, the quaint sleepy villages and the stunning Jurassic coast line. This place is an explorers paradise with something to see at every turn of the road. The pace of life here is slower, people seem more content and smile more, or is that just me romanticising. Either way I have been to Dorset before and have always enjoyed the life here and this time, although the county remains as I remembered from before I'm having much more contact with the locals. Where I am at the moment I am just a few miles from Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire and have stepped across the borders several times already. 

I finished drafting the last few chapters of another adult novel the other day and the pleasure from completing it was pretty cool. It's the sixty-third book I've written and I'm constantly amazed at where the stories come from. This one, in particular has no links at all to my own life and experiences. Currently, during the evenings I am editing a number of books at the same time. I need to reduce the number I have completed that are not published yet. But like everything else, it's a time related issue, especially when I'm in school most days. For the last two weeks I have had a little run of smaller schools that affords me a little more time in each class and allows me to challenge and entertain the children further. Each school so far visited has given me lovely memories to take away and I have been wowed at the friendliness of staff and children alike. Thank you to all of those who have had me so far and I will continue to look forward to going to those I have not yet been to.

I have a rare day off tomorrow and thought I would go and visit the beautiful ruins of Corfe Castle . If I get some decent photo's, and believe me I struggle with this at times, I'll post them on face book and Instagram over the next few days along with others I have taken randomly here and there.

In the meantime happy reading 



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