Lockdown Day 24: 15/04/20 Routine

With the lack of structure due to the lockdown, it’s been hard to find any semblance of routine. I have already mentioned that time seems irrelevant to those of us without work of young children, but I have to say that I’m struggling to maintain any prolonged spells at doing anything. I have been out to exercise but no where near what I’m used to and I’m probably suffering more from that than being locked inside for 23 hours a day. I’m lacking fitness, sleeping longer and achieving less and to be honest it’s a worry. I’m not like this usually.

I’m sure that most of this is to do with the lack of physicality but I also believe being outdoors more is good for us and I’m normally out far more than an hour a day, and I miss it. There are thousands of us who are probably suffering from lack of the two things I’ve mentioned and it’s time for me to do something about it. The lockdown is going to continue without a doubt and if that’s the case then change is needed and new purpose found. I want to get my drive back and make the most from this difficult situation.

The frustration I’m experiencing being stuck inside is not as bad as some others. I do get some time alone, but some families out there, are living on top of each other. There’s no escape from it and is wearing. Domestic abuse is up, some couples who work and commute for long hours are having to learn to live with each other for long periods and it’s not easy. Life has changed for all of us, and finding coping strategies is not always easy, but exercising properly and being outside finding a small amount of time to be alone helps. Give yourselves a routine that adds purpose and direction, trust me it helps.

Wherever you are stay safe.

Lockdown Day 23: 14/04/20 Books

The last book, almost ready for completion is called, Under the Wire and this is a book deliberately written with a film in mind. It’s the first in a trilogy of books about the fourth generation survivors of a nuclear catastrophe who live in a fenced off area that covers a hundred square miles and known as the exclusion zone. There are distinct groups who live in a variety of different ways but have little involvement with each other.

Over the generations some of the groups have had members kidnapped for long periods of time and then returned as shells of their former selves. Others had never been seen again. Each group believes that one of the others are responsible for this but there is no proof to substantiate their thinking.

This is a book that stands alongside the likes of Divergent, The Hunger Games and Maze Runner for type and, like yesterday it’s a book that can transcend the age groups. It’s a little bit behind the other three I’ve discussed earlier this week, and I don’t have the art for it yet but it’s going to be ready before the lockdown finishes.

I have offerings coming for my youngest audience too. The third book in the Trawler Tale series is having the art work done at the moment and Laura will soon be starting the third in the Canal Caper series, so there’s lots going on and I can’t wait to see them in their physical state.

Wherever you are stay safe:


Lockdown Day 21: 12/04/20 Books

I have a new book arriving soon for the young adult market, although in truth this one easily doubles as a full adult book. I started this one I seven years ago although it had a different title at that time. With the growth in films and series involving men, women or creatures with superpowers, I thought I would write a novel in a similar vein.

This book is called Chameleon Origin and launches a new series of books I hope will be very successful. There are two main characters that feature, and both are women. One is seventeen and the other two-hundred and ninety-six. Yes, that is accurate, and I haven’t been drinking! Both characters are immortal and are so because of a blood transfusion that caused their bodies and minds to change.

The two characters have also developed powers of their minds that nobody else has and they use these to help individuals that find themselves on the wrong side of criminal activities. They do this by finding the victims of kidnappings sometimes in their home countries and at other times around the world.

As a writer in today’s marketplace it’s a good idea to write the sort of material that breaks the barriers of age. Michael Morpurgo and J. K. Rowling have been doing this for years and you know the films that came from their books and the fact that the whole family watches them. Chameleon Origin is a book that does this too. It is amenable for all ages down to ten. I love the cover for this one, Laura always does me proud with her artwork but I particularly like this one.

Just like yesterday I could tell you more but that would just spoil the book. More about another new book tomorrow.

Wherever you are stay safe

Lockdown Day 22: 13/04/20 Books

So, today’s book is the first for adults. I’ve been wanting to write for the full adult market for some time and this book came about as an idea a few years ago after a discussion with somebody else. I started writing this a couple of years ago and have finally finished it all apart from the last edit run, which is basically a verbal reading of it so I can hear how it flows. It gave me a lot of satisfaction and pleasure and it now completes a milestone for me. I wanted to write for four age groups and I’ve now achieved it.

So the book is called Did You See Me and the inspiration for the title came from a homeless person who told me that when people passed him sitting on the street they always averted their eyes and he said he always wanted to ask the question ‘did you see me.’

The story starts with a male character who’s lost just about everything you could possibly use and for a long period of time he’s been living on the street. After an act of kindness, he embarks on a journey north in search of something to do and a place that he might settle down and start again. What follows next is a fantastic adventure involving an eclectic group of people who pit their wits against one of the most successful smugglers of modern time.

For the first time Laura has used acrylic paints and a pallet knife for the cover illustration, normally she uses watercolours, and it has a real sinister look about it.

I’m not going to spoil this by telling you more but this one is fast action with a plot that twists and turns with alarming regularity. There’s one more to tell you about tomorrow and then we’ll return back to the Corvid 19 blogging.

Wherever you are stay safe.

Lockdown Day 20: 11/04/20 Books

I’ve just seen the day’s death total, and the fact that we have now lost 12,000 people prematurely to the virus, so I thought I’d change the mood for the next few days and talk about the new books, soon to become available after the lockdown finishes. With four blogs to write, it will be nice to talk about something different. The only part of my normal working life left at the moment is the writing and editing of new material and I have been working hard on it and enjoying the additional time I can afford it.

So, the first book to share with you, is one I wrote eight years ago. It’s called 3033 The Third Millennium and is aimed at the Key Stage Two market. I know many children around the country will have heard the prologue already, as I use it to inspire children in year 5 and 6 as a writing challenge. It has been the cause of some of the most totally amazing pieces of work I have ever seen from children in this age group and no matter how many schools I visit, I am never disappointed with what they achieve and what they are capable of.

The book is set 1000 years in the future, hence the title, and is a post-apocalyptic novel that tells the story of a brother and sister who are separated by a heinous event. Each of them embark on a journey, which they could not have been prepared for, across vast distances. One is kept prisoner at a place she doesn’t want to be and with people she doesn’t want to be with, while the other crosses a desert on foot with an old man he found at the desert fringe. His journey, although hard is made bearable by the people he meets on route.

I could tell you more but that would just spoil the book. So, I’ll stop here. More about a different book tomorrow.

Wherever you are stay safe

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