Lockdown Day 28: 19/04/20 Ghost Towns

 For weeks in today and I’ve noticed a few differences from the first week of isolation. I do believe people have finally got the message, and although I can’t speak for everywhere in the country, things are quieter than ever in the towns and areas that people exercise in.


The seafront where I reside is a popular place with walkers but even as the temperature increases and the sun shines for longer there are less people walking along it. It’s not completely devoid of human kind but still it’s less than before. As I pass the few who are around, it’s interesting that those masked do not seek any kind of interaction while those who are not smile and say good morning or afternoon.


I notice the way people discuss the situation has altered too. Once there was an indignation at being ordered to stay at home and a sense of denial at what was happening. Now I find it more commonplace for people to say things like these are strange times. Strange times not awful times. Strange is about right, yes there’s a tragedy going on with the amount of suffering and death, but the reality that it could be worse is clear and people have finally got to grips with it. The British die hard mentality or stiff upper lip attitude is prevalent and there’s a relief about that. I’m not hearing the doom and gloom mentality that has been promoted in our country for a long while (by successive governments) despite the deaths, the loss of jobs and the uncertainty ahead.


The British people, I believe are ready to face whatever comes next, and now is the time where the government should demonstrate it’s confidence and trust in us and be uncompromisingly honest with us. It’s always better to understand what is coming rather than being shocked and surprised by it.


Wherever you are stay safe.

Lockdown Day 26: 17/04/20 Open Spaces

The need for places to exercise is a must and I was disappointed to hear that some councils had closed parks down during the recent spell of warm weather. I can understand why they did that, but I don’t believe it’s the right call. There are plenty of people around who don’t have gardens to enjoy the fresh air in so the need to keep parks open is crucial, especially when the government say they don’t want people to drive to find open spaces to exercise in.

I have issues with that as well. If I was to leave my home and travel to some remote place to exercise then I would hardly say that this is irresponsible. Firstly, I move from home to vehicle, with only a few seconds of being exposed to the outdoors. Once in my vehicle I would stay there until I reached my destination. For me the places to walk are the old footpaths that bisect our countryside. There are so many that rarely see visitors in the good times let alone while Covid 19 is present.

I could walk for an hour without seeing anyone, taking in the sights of our beautiful countryside, the peace and tranquillity that currently prevails, and the incredibly fresh air that isn’t so polluted as usual. What’s wrong with this scenario. Personally I believe nothing is wrong except that were being told not to do it. Why? Probably because of the threat of gatherings. I can promise you that if I was to do this I wouldn’t have, meeting others on my walk as part of my agenda, merely the opportunity to do the opposite; to find space away from others, the lock down is tough on finding alone time.

Wherever you are stay safe.

Lockdown Day 24: 15/04/20 Routine

With the lack of structure due to the lockdown, it’s been hard to find any semblance of routine. I have already mentioned that time seems irrelevant to those of us without work of young children, but I have to say that I’m struggling to maintain any prolonged spells at doing anything. I have been out to exercise but no where near what I’m used to and I’m probably suffering more from that than being locked inside for 23 hours a day. I’m lacking fitness, sleeping longer and achieving less and to be honest it’s a worry. I’m not like this usually.

I’m sure that most of this is to do with the lack of physicality but I also believe being outdoors more is good for us and I’m normally out far more than an hour a day, and I miss it. There are thousands of us who are probably suffering from lack of the two things I’ve mentioned and it’s time for me to do something about it. The lockdown is going to continue without a doubt and if that’s the case then change is needed and new purpose found. I want to get my drive back and make the most from this difficult situation.

The frustration I’m experiencing being stuck inside is not as bad as some others. I do get some time alone, but some families out there, are living on top of each other. There’s no escape from it and is wearing. Domestic abuse is up, some couples who work and commute for long hours are having to learn to live with each other for long periods and it’s not easy. Life has changed for all of us, and finding coping strategies is not always easy, but exercising properly and being outside finding a small amount of time to be alone helps. Give yourselves a routine that adds purpose and direction, trust me it helps.

Wherever you are stay safe.

Lockdown Day 25: 16/04/20 Death Toll

The death toll is almost 14,000 and still rising. It peaks and troughs with no guarantee on a daily basis and there is still no sign of it reaching a peak. The government say: that those becoming infected is plateauing but that could change dramatically if social distancing is not maintained. For all the talk, the discussion, opinions and arguments that are banded about we definitely can’t say that things are getting better or that were winning.

There are a lot of areas surrounding the management of the country that have come under intense scrutiny, and I have been completely dumfounded by the questioning the reports have thrown at our politicians. Most seem to focus on an exit strategy, or lack of, and the same question has come up on a daily basis. Do the reporters simply lack the intelligence to realise that the answer to ending the lockdown cannot come yet. There isn’t enough data, to base one on, we haven’t reached the peak yet, and without this a decision cannot be made.

I’ve heard a lot of concerns about kickstarting the economy, but what good would that be if we come out of exile and more of our people start getting ill and increase the death toll. A resurgence of this virus could be catastrophic and could be worse than what we’ve seen so far. The government need more time to make a plan that will last, will improve matters and judge the timing. If they get it wrong then the risk to all of us will remain until a cure is found.

So for goodness sake reporters, ask some different questions!

Wherever you are stay safe.

Lockdown Day 23: 14/04/20 Books

The last book, almost ready for completion is called, Under the Wire and this is a book deliberately written with a film in mind. It’s the first in a trilogy of books about the fourth generation survivors of a nuclear catastrophe who live in a fenced off area that covers a hundred square miles and known as the exclusion zone. There are distinct groups who live in a variety of different ways but have little involvement with each other.

Over the generations some of the groups have had members kidnapped for long periods of time and then returned as shells of their former selves. Others had never been seen again. Each group believes that one of the others are responsible for this but there is no proof to substantiate their thinking.

This is a book that stands alongside the likes of Divergent, The Hunger Games and Maze Runner for type and, like yesterday it’s a book that can transcend the age groups. It’s a little bit behind the other three I’ve discussed earlier this week, and I don’t have the art for it yet but it’s going to be ready before the lockdown finishes.

I have offerings coming for my youngest audience too. The third book in the Trawler Tale series is having the art work done at the moment and Laura will soon be starting the third in the Canal Caper series, so there’s lots going on and I can’t wait to see them in their physical state.

Wherever you are stay safe:


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