The Canal Caper Series

Suitable for 6-9 year olds

This series of picture books tell stories of creatures that live in, on or around the Royal Military Canal in Kent.

In each book a different creature faces an almost human type problem that needs solving with the help of their friends.

Each book contains a fact file on the main story creature which provides interesting and relevant details to learn from.

The stories are presented in rhyming couplets and are beautifully illustrated with watercolour paintings.

Badger and the Road

The first in the "Canal Caper" Series

Bradley the badger is different from other badgers. He sleeps through the night whilst his family sleeps during the day. This makes him hugely popular with the other creatures that live around the canal, who have never had a badger to play with before. However, Bradley often acts without thinking and this can cause risk to himself and his friends.

Imagine what could happen when Bradley discovers a road for the first time and is tempted to explore the woods on the other side.


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Sally Rider

Badger and the Road
This has become one of my daughter’s favourite books. She really loves the different characters that are portrayed beautifully in the illustrations.

Mrs Bryant

Badger and the Road
My youngest son has fallen in love with Sandy the Squirrel. He’s always liked squirrels and I can’t wait to buy the book that features Sandy as the main character.

C.S. Clifford

Author writing for all ages
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