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The Canal Caper Series

Suitable for 5-9 year olds

This series of picture books tell stories of creatures that live in, on or around the Royal Military Canal in Kent.

In each book a different creature faces an almost human type problem that needs solving with the help of their friends.

Each book contains a fact file on the main story creature which provides interesting and relevant details to learn from.

The stories are presented in rhyming couplets and are beautifully illustrated with watercolour paintings.

Badger and the Road

The first in the "Canal Caper" Series

Bradley the badger is different from other badgers. He sleeps through the night whilst his family sleeps during the day. This makes him hugely popular with the other creatures that live around the canal, who have never had a badger to play with before. However, Bradley often acts without thinking and this can cause risk to himself and his friends.

Imagine what could happen when Bradley discovers a road for the first time and is tempted to explore the woods on the other side.

The Squirrels Diet

The second book in the Canal Caper Series based on the wildlife around the Royal Military Canal in Kent

All is not well in the Squirrels Drey, for Sandy is suffering from a mysterious illness that is making her very unwell. Her mother tries everything she can think of to help her daughter but after repeated failures, she turns to other creatures around the canal to help.

The Unusual Rabbit

The third in the "Canal Caper" Series

Ruby the rabbit was born different from other rabbits. Unlike her family and friends, she was born white. This makes her vulnerable to predators, who can see her easily. Until that is, at certain times of year.

Trawler Tale Series

Suitable for 5-9 year olds

Skipper David Peters is a real fisherman who works from the Hastings beach in East Sussex. For a remarkable sixty-one years he ventured out in all weathers to fish the waters of the English Channel.

Known as Spider to his fellow fishermen, he found it very hard to stop working when he retired at the age of seventy-nine. He looked to pass some of his time by mending nets on the seafront at Hastings where he is a favourite of the tourists who love hearing his stories about his time at sea.

David also holds the British record for landing the country’s biggest ever plaice that weighed in at an incredible 20lb 10oz and is displayed in the Fishermen’s Club, All Saints Street, Hastings.

While the stories in the series are works of fiction, the character of David Peters the Skipper is portrayed as accurately as possible.

Trawler Tales Book 1: Basking Shark

The first in the "Trawler Tales" Series

Cody is staying with his Gran so that he can go fishing with his Uncle on the RX59. His uncle is a member of the fishing fleet and trawling for fish is the family business. On the first trip of the holiday, Cody gets to see something very rare and very special. What happens next makes him a living legend among the fishermen of Hastings.

Trawler Tales Book 2: Breakdown

The second in the "Trawler Tales" Series

Cody’s off fishing again with his uncle and First Mate Beefy on the RX59. There day should be simple, drop the nets and return home again. But life on the waves always has surprises for intrepid deep sea fishermen. On the deep, blue sea, you have to be ready for the unexpected at all times.

Trawler Tales Book 3: Storm

The third in the "Trawler Tales" Series

Cody is joined by his cousin Toni on the RX59 on another trip to sea. Spider tries new tactics to improve his catch after a run of poor catches. The sea is always full of surprises and this trip is no different. Cody learns that life at sea demands him to be ready for everything.

Trawler Tales Book 4: Inspection

The fourth in the "Trawler Tales" Series

Cody is away visiting his family, and Spider is joined at sea by his daughter, Cockle. What happens there runs beyond expectations and is not without risk. They are visited by the French Coastguard who searches their boat. They learn that smugglers are in the area and coming their way.


Reviews are really important for the development of my work and other potential readers. Please share your thoughts and feelings about what I produce. Send them to me through the contact page and I will publish as many as I can.

Sally Rider

Badger and the Road
This has become one of my daughter’s favourite books. She really loves the different characters that are portrayed beautifully in the illustrations.

Mrs Bryant

Badger and the Road
My youngest son has fallen in love with Sandy the Squirrel. He’s always liked squirrels and I can’t wait to buy the book that features Sandy as the main character.

Gemma Rawlinson

The Squirrels Diet

This is a super little book that my daughter absolutely adores. The story is great and the art work fantastic.

Beth Faulkner

The Squirrels Diet

Sandy the squirrel reminds me of my son who had dietary problems of his own. My son loves this book and keeps it by his bedside.

Mrs M Batt

Basking Shark

My son Harry is fascinated by boats and loves fishing so this series of books is perfect for him. I have to read it to him several times a week and he knows sections of it off by heart. It’s become his most prized possession.

Lovely book and great illustrations.

Billy, 7

Basking Shark

I like this book a lot. Cody is a fun person and Spider the Captain is a cool guy. I wish I had an uncle that could take me to sea.