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The Walking With Series

Suitable for 9-13 year olds

Young teenagers Matt and James find a time portal whilst training for the forthcoming rugby season. Every time they venture through it they are transported back to the past where they take on the bodies of people from that time period whilst retaining their own young minds.

In each adventure they meet and engage with a different myth or legend of that period and play a vital role in helping them towards a particular mission or cause.

All is not straight forward though because it is not easy for two 21st century boys to survive without the normal comforts of life, especially so, when they realise that their modern gadgets don’t work in the past and they can’t phone home when things get a little tricky.

Walking with the Hood

The first in the "Walking with" Series

Already thinking ahead to the next rugby season, James and Matt decide to spend their summer holidays in training to improve their fitness. On only the second day, however, their swim in the local river leads them to a waterfall whose cavernous depths take them out into another time and place.

Here they meet strange folk - strange yet very familiar folk they know only from books and films. Could they really be in Sherwood Forest talking with the legendary Robin Hood and his faithful band of brothers?

Walking with Nessie

The follow up to the hit "Walking with the Hood"

Less than a week since their return from Sherwood Forest, our intrepid time-travelling hero’s, Matt and James, venture through the cavernous depths of the waterfall and are transported, once again, to another place and time.

This time however, they find themselves in Scotland on the banks of the famous Loch Ness where mysterious sightings and encounters of strange beasts are commonplace amongst the local community and used to attract tourism to the otherwise work starved area.

Walking with the Fisherman

The third in the hit "Walking with" series

Time-travelling best friends, Matt and James were eager for another adventure through the mysterious underwater portal they had discovered earlier that summer.

They had already fought alongside Robin Hood and defended the Loch Ness Monster from unscrupulous trophy hunters.

Where on earth might the waterfall cavern take them next? Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined this place, this moment in time, these people – and one in particular…

Walking with The Magician

The fourth "Walking with" book

Once again Matt and James were ready to go through the time portal seeking another amazing adventure.

Each time they pass through it is different, they never know where they will end up or who they will meet. This time is no exception as they find themselves back on English ground.

They meet a wizened old man who sends them, with a very unusual companion, on a quest to retrieve a famous relic and prevent a war that threatens to tear the country apart.

Walking with Bigfoot

The fifth adventure in the fantastic "Walking with" series

Seeking further adventures in times gone past, Matt and James find themselves in the mountainous regions of Canada. This time, with an unusual group of explorers, who are intent on finding a mythical creature of some stature.

Travelling high into the mountains, to places unvisited before and seemingly devoid of life, they search for evidence that can prove the creatures’ existence. What they find is nothing short of incredible in more ways than one!

Walking with the Smugglers

The latest "Walking with" adventure

The waterfall beckons again and Matt and James cannot resist its lure.

This time they are transported to Southern England, in the eighteenth century, where they find themselves in uniform for the first time.

It’s a hostile time, with unscrupulous characters who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. It pays to turn your back and ignore the ways of the time, but that has never been Matt and James’ way!

Walking with Mermaids

The Seventh Book in the fantastic Walking with Series

Their need for adventure with a difference tempts Matt and James through the Waterfall once more.

Finding themselves on the South Coast again, nothing could have prepared them for the discovery they make on the beach, or for the unusual journey they have to embark on.

The fate of world rests on their shoulders and the challenges and decisions they make will test these intrepid adventurers to their absolute limits.

Walking with the Dambusters

The Eighth Book in the fantastic Walking with Series

Matt and James decide on one more journey through the portal before the summer holidays end. It’s the 1940’s and World War II is raging across Europe and they are plunged into death defying situations they could not have imagined. But, is their mission just to drop bombs that blow up dams or are they there for less obvious reasons?

The 3033 Series

Suitable for 9-13 year olds

3033 The Third Millennium: Ice Age:

The first in the "3033" Series

For as long as they can remember they’ve travelled south, away from the threat of the approaching ice. A sinister encounter forces separation, leaving Kanden and Setty to experience life apart for the first time.

Setty struggles to survive with a community she doesn’t want to be with, or become part of. Kanden faces a journey of epic proportions as he embarks on a quest to reunite with his sister. Their will to survive is strong, despite the odds they face, but nothing is made easy for them in a world where almost everything lays in ruins.


Reviews are really important for the development of my work and other potential readers. Please share your thoughts and feelings about what I produce. Send them to me through the contact page and I will publish as many as I can.

Harry, 11

Walking with the Hood

This is an absolutely great book that gives a good sense of time period its set in. It’s a comfortable read but it constantly keeps you on your toes. I couldn’t put it down.

David, 11

Walking with the Hood
An absolutely fabulous read. It’s about two young boys, Matt and James who, by accident discover a time portal that goes to other times. Walking with the Hood is their first adventure. It takes place in Sherwood Forest where they have an adventure of courage, wits and friendship. I would rate it 10/10 and I cannot wait to read their next adventure.

Chloe, 9

Walking with Nessie

This is a great follow up from Walking with the Hood and I enjoyed it even more. I really liked the characters, the good ones and the bad and the action was great.

Josh, 12

Walking with Nessie
Matt and James find themselves in the Scottish Highlands at a remote village by Loch Ness. International Nessie hunters arrive and they have to protect Nessie from them. This is a great book Mr Clifford.

Claire, 10

Walking with the Fisherman
I really like this book. I never thought much of RE at school but this book has made me change my mind and I am starting to read Bible stories now. Can’t wait for the next book.

Sarah, 12

Walking with the Fisherman
This is an exciting book. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one but the adventure is as good as Hood and Nessie. I like the way the characters from the Bible achieve things without being horrible to others. Lucius Asina is the most horrible of enemies too.

Grace, 11

Walking with The Magician
This is the best Walking With book so far. I really like the way the boys have to enter a jousting competition to get close to the bad people. Aragon the dragon is my favourite character and even Sargo, the wicked witch, gets my sympathy.

Will, 10

Walking with The Magician
This is a really cool book. Matt and James are pushed to the limits to save Excalibur and prevent a war. I like the way that all the characters play an important part at different times in the book. A great read, 10 out of 10.

Jack, 10

Walking with Mermaids

Mr Clifford has done it again, who would have thought that there were two species of beings under the sea and moving Atlantis is such a cool idea. I really like the way Matt and James have to use all their wits this time. Brilliant Book. 

Sophie, 11

Walking with Mermaids

Another great book in the series and he can’t write them quick enough for me. I think writing a book that tells a story under the sea is different and I like this one a lot. My favourite one so far.