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Harry, 11

Walking with the Hood

This is an absolutely great book that gives a good sense of time period its set in. It’s a comfortable read but it constantly keeps you on your toes. I couldn’t put it down.

David, 11

Walking with the Hood
An absolutely fabulous read. It’s about two young boys, Matt and James who, by accident discover a time portal that goes to other times. Walking with the Hood is their first adventure. It takes place in Sherwood Forest where they have an adventure of courage, wits and friendship. I would rate it 10/10 and I cannot wait to read their next adventure.

Chloe, 9

Walking with Nessie

This is a great follow up from Walking with the Hood and I enjoyed it even more. I really liked the characters, the good ones and the bad and the action was great.

Josh, 12

Walking with Nessie
Matt and James find themselves in the Scottish Highlands at a remote village by Loch Ness. International Nessie hunters arrive and they have to protect Nessie from them. This is a great book Mr Clifford.

Claire, 10

Walking with the Fisherman
I really like this book. I never thought much of RE at school but this book has made me change my mind and I am starting to read Bible stories now. Can’t wait for the next book.

Sarah, 12

Walking with the Fisherman
This is an exciting book. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one but the adventure is as good as Hood and Nessie. I like the way the characters from the Bible achieve things without being horrible to others. Lucius Asina is the most horrible of enemies too.

Grace, 11

Walking with The Magician
This is the best Walking With book so far. I really like the way the boys have to enter a jousting competition to get close to the bad people. Aragon the dragon is my favourite character and even Sargo, the wicked witch, gets my sympathy.

Will, 10

Walking with The Magician
This is a really cool book. Matt and James are pushed to the limits to save Excalibur and prevent a war. I like the way that all the characters play an important part at different times in the book. A great read, 10 out of 10.

Sally Rider

Badger and the Road
This has become one of my daughter’s favourite books. She really loves the different characters that are portrayed beautifully in the illustrations.

Mrs Bryant

Badger and the Road
My youngest son has fallen in love with Sandy the Squirrel. He’s always liked squirrels and I can’t wait to buy the book that features Sandy as the main character.

C.S. Clifford

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