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New and up-coming books

At long last I now hold stocks of the first two of my five adult books written during the lockdown, Alone and Still Alone. Both books are available to peruse or buy on the website. I've recently added to my young adult books too. Chameleon Origin, Chameleon Dawn and Angel's Touch are now added to my offerings. For younger readers I've not forgotten you. I plan to spend the summer adding to the Canal Caper Series, The Trawler Tale Series and the Walking with Series.

Coming out later in the year, if all goes to plan, are four more adult books, Peacemaker, Did You See Me, Exclusion Zone and Breaking Barriers and and two young adult books 3033 part two, Under the Sea and Navajo Spirit part 5. These books currently going through the stages of editing. There,s more to come but for now I'll keep them to myself until I finish writing them.

Happy Reading


Frustrations of a Writer/Teacher

It's been a while since I last wrote. apologies, it's been a busy year. While Covid is still around schools are basically back to normal and are at last accepting visitors like me. I've been in Essex since September and I must say I'm enjoying a prolonged visit to the county. I've always enjoyed travelling to promote my work but the standards of writing in years five and six these days is technically amazing, exceeding many adult writers. I want to warn the government that chasing technical efficiency has now reached it's limit and with so many tick boxes to sign off on that the creative effect of writing is no longer of any real significance. What use is technical ability without a creative effect to balance it out? Wake up! For goodness sake it would be sensible to have an Education Minister with real teaching experience because I believe the government are losing the plot. When was the last time an education minister sat down with key members of the publishing world to discuss what is really needed? Food for thought, and I know I'm not alone with these views.

New Year Wishes

It's that time of year when you plan your targets for the year. As a writer I have targets all the time but it's good to reflect on what you've accomplished in the past and also on what you hope to accomplish. I'm certainly setting my goals high. Bookings are up again now that the COVID situation is relatively calm and we are learning how to live with it. Working in schools I guess I'm particularly prone to catching it again, but I've dutifully had my jabs and take every precaution I can. So, what is my main goal this year? It's simply to extend my range of books and my my older ones more accessible for people to buy. How will I do that? To be honest I'm not quite sure yet but I am sticking to my decision to no longer sell through shops. There is simply not enough money to be made to justify the effort I have to make to get them in.  Until then I hope everyone has a super new year and, despite the financial difficulties felt by most, do their upmost to be positive and above all kind to one another.

Happy reading. Steve


What never ceases to amaze me is the extent of children's imaginations. I've been touring Essex since September and no matter where I go the children wow me with their thoughts and ideas. It's true what they say, the more knowledge we accumulate during our lives, the more it dampens our imagination. Children dare to dream so much more than adults and that's a real shame. Those artistic enough to really engage with their creative side know and understand exactly what I'm saying here. I work hard at being open-minded towards creative endeavour allowing my imagination to determine which direction a writing project takes me on. I've been continuously more pleased with writing outcomes when I allow my imagination to take over. In my stories anything can happen when the imagination takes charge and no matter how unrealistic an outcome is, it seldom matters where stories are concerned. So if you want a real writing challenge, try writing a story where you don't plan anything, start with either a character or a setting and allow your imagination to do the work. I seriously doubt you'll be displeased with the result.

Happy reading and best wishes for the festive season


Purposeful People Watching

I've been asked many times where I get my ideas for characters from. Some are simply based on people I know, for example the two main characters in the Walking With Series are among my best friends, the twist is I gave them each others personality. Others are based a little on me and some are completely made up. There are several places I like to go to people watch. The reception area of a doctors is good if you want to witness symptoms and difficulties. The school pick up areas are great to observe young parents and restaurants like McDonalds offer an interesting range of people to study. So what am I looking for? perhaps a nervous twitch, or a repetitive scratcher. Someone who can't sit still, even when they're eating. A nervous giggle that ends every sentence an individual says. There are all sorts of little quirks and mannerisms that help bring a character to reality and I don't mind admitting I have a lot of fun watching. Don't stare too long at any individual though.

Happy reading


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